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Become a part of the cryptocurrency marketplace, on which the deals and transactions will be clear, confidential and transparency!
It’s already working!

ICO is developed on the basis of current business


Unique, decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace of antiques


Additional bonus of 30% for those who bought tokens at the first day ICO stage


Full confidentiality, fairness and transparency of all conducted transactions

Personal access "key"

A private secure access key


The minimum deposit amount is 0.01 ETH only

It’s already working!

ICO is developed on the basis of current business

Antiques Marketplace
on the Blockchain
That Changes the Rules

We will bring the antiquarian business to a completely new level, turning the existing system upside down. You will be among the first to receive incredible profits from the unprecedented project. ICO is formed on the basis of the operating and profitable business. The orientation to new technologies and the world of the future is one of the major principles of our work, fully reflected in the use of blockchain technology.

Until the end of 2018, we plan to enter EU and USA antique markets. It is essential to enter the Asia market with its huge population as well; therefore, in 2019 we will conquer Asia, Australia and 4 countries of the Asia Pacific region. Combining the world antiques market in one place plus a blockchain-based cryptocurrency accounting platform will change the standard notions of the way the business done.

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12+ Innovative Technologies and Better Conditions for Investors

What will an investor,
a collector and a common user receive?

Our team is focused on all market participants. Hence, the project will be equally profitable for everyone. According to the conducted research, the percentage of profitability will be 195%.

Opportunities for profit:

Possibility of passive income

50% of the profit will be sent for the tokens buyout from the stock exchange.

Reselling one’s own tokens

According to our calculations, the price of the token will skyrocket in 2018.

Up to 50% discount when purchase items in tokens

Tokens will be a priority currency for our company.

Free antiques delivery

We take upon ourselves all the expenses for the placing and delivery of the order.

Ability to exchange tokens for partner services

Carry out restoration without bank payments and any extra charges.

to provide
free item posting
on the site

This option is absolutely free for users of our service, if mutual settlements will be made in tokens.


Payment account

Multicurrency, 100% secure, anonymous account, with the ability to make payments around the world, including cryptocurrency. There are no commissions or extra charges.

Lots parsing

Every day the catalogue of the site is replenished with the goods provided by the world's leading dealers.

Smart search

A wide range of sorting options for instant antiques item search with actual price showing.

Big Data

The ability to process an extensive amount of data in the shortest possible time.


A powerful API automates all processes, easily allowing each person to monitor and control his account

Smart contract

Self-executing conditions created on the basis of blockchain technology.

ICO Starts on March 15, 2018
Finishes on April 15, 2018

Experts with a worldwide reputation and wide experience in the fields of finance, antiques, and technologies are gathered on the platform of our project. Each presented figure is the result of serious work.

7 500 000
Total amount
of company’s tokens
6 000 00080%
Amount of token
at ICO
1 AMT 1$
Token price
1000 AMT = 1 ETH
Accepting payments
in Ethereum
1300 AMT = 1 ETH
First ICO day special price
Bonus on the
already purchased
March 152018
ICO start
April 2018
ICO finish
All non-purchased tokens
will be burnt, as well as the
team tokens in equal proportion

RoadMap: Your Investment Map


Formulating the idea
Market research
Partner involvement
Creating a prototype


Team building
Introduction of the prototype
Identifying ultimate goals
Launching portal


SMART-contract development
PreICO start
Cooperation with world-class consultants


ICO start
Token implementation into the payment system
Development and processing of goods
Launching the marketing campaign
Brand promotion
Token implementation into the economy of the service


AMT token entering the cryptocurrency stock exchange
Providing users with the ability to add goods and items
Implementation of the multicurrency module
Processing of goods
Infrastructure preparation and selection of partners for starting operations in Europe and the USA


Entering the US and European markets
Beginning of the token buyout from the stock exchange
Globalization of our antiques marketplace in the crypto-economic world
Consolidation of positions in the world arena

Your investments will be spent on



We Don't Doubt
the Project's Success

Our company has been successfully working for 7 years in the sphere of antiques and rare items. 3 years were spent on studying the possibilities and advantages of using blockchain technology. The project profitability is provided by cooperation with world experts in the field of political science, finance, investment, and sociology. During this period, we have become experts in antiques and their logistics and have many partners around the world.

it will definitely work

AntiqMall implementing the Origin protocol

Origin Protocol

Trusted Professionals

Dmitry Kuznetsov
CEO, co-founder
Dmitry Kuznetsov
Founder and CEO of Antique Logistics Group of companies, Managing Director of several international projects on the art market, Art Dealer, Collector.
Konstantin Pokrovskiy
COO, co-founder
Konstantin Pokrovskiy
A 6-year experience in the organization and management of projects of various complexity in the sphere of e-commerce and Internet marketing, Product Development Expert, Technical Solution Expert, Expert in Projects Architecture.
Alexey Bystrov
Alexey Bystrov
Expert in International Logistics, highly qualified specialist with more than seven years of experience in the art industry.
Alexander Korzin
Alexander Korzin
Head of Logistics Department, Art Historian, Expert in the Theory and History of Art, Collector, Restorer.
Alex Pinkevych
Alex Pinkevych
Software engineer, Blockchain Expert, Solidity Developer with a 2-year experience, PHP Backend Developer with 7+ years of experience, Expert in Highload, Big Data and neural networks.
Alexander Gnatyk
Alexander Gnatyk
Full Stack Web Developer with more than six years of web development experience, Expert in Highload, ReactJS and NodeJs, Blockchain Enthusiast.
Alexander Pyshkin
Alexander Pyshkin
Lawyer, expert in Customs Clearance and Maintenance of Cultural Properties.
Alexander Gubanov
Alexander Gubanov
Art expert, artist, member of AGO Canada, CEO of Artselect - art consulting agency.

4 Categories of People, Who Will Be Especially Interested in Our Offer


You can buy antique curiosities around the world in one click. We make significant discounts when paying in tokens. We provide free shipping with verification of each item.

of antiques

There is no fee for placing your goods on the international site, using a simple and transparent scheme of cooperation, supported by the blockchain technology. You can pay in any currency and cryptocurrency and transfer your money to the e-wallet, credit card, or bank account.

Those who understand
the benefits of blockchain

We have created an unprecedented offer, and smart people will certainly see its profitability. AMT token has a basis in the form of a stable company with constantly growing income. The trend is combined with the classic business management, that 100% will give positive results.

Those who looking for reliable ways to earn extra money

It does not matter if you are a successful businessman or a housewife, everyone can make money with our project. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime. If you miss your chance, this opportunity may not appear again. Cryptocurrency is conquering and changing the world. Be part of the change or stay out of the financial well-being.

Everything is transparent, available, and clear
Answering the questions

Don't miss something truly important

Our tomorrow begins today

We started to change the world for the better in 2016. At that very moment, crossing the borderline between "tomorrow" and "yesterday" has become inevitable. Buying AMT tokens is the only step left to gain a guaranteed, honest, and stable financial position in the future. The entire world’s antiques market and antiquarian community is waiting for the launch of our project. Join the project, which could change your ideas and notions about the antiquarian business.
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1ЕТН = 1300АМТ
+30% Bonus on the already
purchased tokens
Contract qr-code
Recommended Gas limit: 100 000
How to participate in AntiqMall crowdsale?
We accept only Ethereum
Attention! Do not send Ethereum from the wallets of any exchange platforms and stock exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, etc. Use only your personal Ethereum wallet!
Send Ethereum only from wallets that support ERC20 tokens and the private access key is kept only by you. For instance,
For Early Stage Investors

Special offer with an increased bonus for large investors! If you would like to participate directly or invest more than 30 ETH, fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss the offer.